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CompuSight gives a leading provider of specialty health management services a booster shot with a new participant portal with a data-driven program strategy and individually customized content selection and delivery. Rapid configuration and implementation of new and existing portal customizations.
CompuSight delivers a Business Rule Engine driven Referrals application that offers business flexibility and agility. Rapid configuration and implementation of new and existing business rules per client requirements for the inbound and outbound referrals processing. Policy makers are empowered to modify, approve, and deploy process changes with no need for technical support.
A leading manufacturer of Point of Sale systems, with hundreds of installations across Scandinavia, turns to CompuSight for dependable data management. Integrated data in real time from Point of Sale systems to a centralized enterprise data warehouse for a consolidated view of the client business.
Adobe EchoSign turns to CompuSight for the advanced integration of their market-leading electronic signature product with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and Windows Phone. The end result is the only Microsoft certified electronic signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, enabling users as well as third party signers to approve and agree on legally enforceable documents.
InDepth Technology delivers the latest buzz for their customers by leveraging custom blog networks. CompuSight helped build the systems that combine the advanced technology with the human touch that drive the success of InDepth solutions. Some of the customers include Microsoft TechEd, Partner Network, and MSDN Bloggers.
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